The Right Coast

May 10, 2004
The Hate-Bush Right
By Maimon Schwarzschild

The Abu Ghraib abuse story is a godsend not only to the left. There are right wing and libertarian isolationists who are delighted as well. Here is William Marina of the Independent Institute, an extreme libertarian outfit. The rhetoric will be familiar. The Abu Ghraib affair was not the misbehaviour of a few rogues; rather it reflects the essence of "American imperialism" and, of course, "George W. Bush's fundamentalist fanaticism".

The difference, of course, is that right wing and (especially) libertarian isolationists are, well, isolated: they are cranks whose rhetoric has almost no public resonance. But exactly the same hyperventilation, coming from the left, has now been "mainstreamed". The media, playing it for (at least) all it is worth, plainly hope that this squalid story will decapitate the hated Bush administration. The blogosphere, led as ever by Instapundit -- not to mention The RightCoast of course -- provides some sensible perspective, and without making excuses for the abusers.