The Right Coast

May 23, 2004
The Euro-Palestinian Connection
By Mike Rappaport

The bias and corrupt nature of European support for the Palestinians is once again revealed. I know, this is like saying "the sky is blue," but when many people are saying the sky is yellow, it is helpful to remind oneself of these banal truths. Consider the following report: (Hat tip: SFA)

ARAB prisoners beaten and tortured, innocent bystanders killed by gunfire - another damning human rights report. But the difference this time is that the violence is being perpetrated not by coalition forces in Iraq, but by the Palestinian Authority, and the victims are its own people.

The report, partly funded by the Finnish government, claims Palestinian cities are in a state of near anarchy, with people on the payroll of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority (PA) blamed for 90 per cent of gangland violence.

The organisation behind the latest report, the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG), has won few friends for its work documenting human rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Although it has been strongly critical of Israeli treatment of Palestinians, its criticism of the PA has seen its funding by European governments slashed.

Yigal Carmon said that as soon as Basem Eid decided to investigate Palestinian abuses as well as Israeli abuses, his support dried up.