The Right Coast

April 27, 2004
Speak For America, Victor
By Maimon Schwarzschild

Victor Davis Hanson refutes the myths about Iraq, and sums up the choices now.

There is a true story -- still well remembered in Britain -- about the debate in Parliament the day after the Nazis launched the invasion of Poland in 1939. Neville Chamberlain gave a waffling speech, implying that yet more appeasement might be in the offing. Dissident Tories who supported Winston Churchill, and many Labour MPs too, were appalled. The Speaker now recognized a very left wing Labour man, Arthur Greenwood. Greenwood was working class, and famous for being viscerally anti-Tory. He was also known for his opposition to appeasement. On the Tory benches across the chamber sat Leo Amery, a right-winger and an elegant "public school" and Oxford man: an opposite to Arthur Greenwood in every imaginable way. As Greenwood stood up to speak, Amery called out across the room -- and across the party and class divide -- "Speak for England, Arthur!"

It marked the end for appeasement -- England declared war the next day -- and for Neville Chamberlain.

I hope, and believe, that Hanson speaks for America.