The Right Coast

April 12, 2004
Movie Review: The Magnificent Yankee
By Mike Rappaport

I recently watched on my DVR The Magnificent Yankee, a movie that attempts to tell the story of the life of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. While it was kind of enjoyable, what really stood out was how corny the movie was. Nonetheless, it had some interesting parts, including scenes involving the friendship between Holmes and Brandeis, Brandeis’s difficult nomination fight, Holmes and Brandeis’s dissents on the First Amendment, Holmes voting against Theodore Roosevelt on the Standard Oil antitrust case, and Holmes’ disappointment at not being made Chief Justice. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the movie was its portrayal of upper class life in Washington during the beginning of the century.

If you don’t mind the corniness, its not a bad movie, especially if you are a Holmes fan, which I am not. It would be nice to known, however, how much of the story was really true. I, for one, did not notice any falsehoods.