The Right Coast

April 12, 2004
I just want some reasonably unbiased reporting! Is that so much to ask?
By Tom Smith

USS Clueless has a good account of how deceptive much of the reporting coming out of Iraq is. You would think with embedded reporters, video phones and the internet, it would not be that hard to get "just the facts" from the war zone. But it's hard even for a confirmed news junkie such as I to figure out WTH is going on. Very frustrating.

BTW I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about debka's spin on events in Iraq. (How sick is that? I should be thinking about healthy outdoor activities, or healthy indoor activities, but instead am thinking about meta-news.) This has probably been obvious to those who follow Israel closely, but suddenly it became obvious to me that debka's agenda is to do everything possible to undermine Sharon's plan to depart from Gaza and other settlement/occupied areas. Debka is opposed to Sharon from the right, I suppose, and probably supports the more extreme of the settlers. By making Bush look bad, they try to undermine the Bush-Sharon mutual support system, such as it is. So their very gloomy view of the Iraq war has to be tempered somewhat.

John Burns at the NYT is still good, of course. Note how he makes it clear that the ceasefire is forebearance by the Marines, not something forced on them by the ferocity of the resistance. But the Times runs the story under a photo of a US vehicle burning near Baghdad. I guess Burns doesn't control the photo-editing.

On a related topic, it is becoming clear to me at least that we are now involved in a war against Iran. The Iranian mullahs are providing money, arms and probably some fighters to the lunatics in Fallujah, in part at least to buy time to finish their nukes. Somebody should ask Kerry whether he would allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Isn't that a fair question? If he says "United Nations blah blah blah," and he wins the election, then I will know it's time to find the dry cell battery I need for the geiger counter I have in my garage. And top off the water bottles, get maps of desert, quite a to do list, actually, when you think of fleeing for your life.

I hope some wise heads in the Pentagon are planning how we will settle up with the mullahs when we are finished with Sadr. Money and arms to Iranian resistance, and calls from Mr. JDAM for their budding WMD industry seem like plausible candidates.