The Right Coast

April 07, 2004
by Mike Rappaport

Interesting post at Marginal Revolution on height. Here is an excerpt:
    For two centuries, the American man stood tall in the world. Literally. But today the average Dutch man is six foot one and the average American man is much shorter. Even as little as fifty years ago, American men were considerably taller than Dutch or other European men but since the mid 1950s the Northern Europeans have shot up while Americans have grown wider but not taller. No, it's not a composition effect due to immigration. Native born, English-speaking American men are only five feet nine and a half and this has not changed much in more than a century. Why then the difference?
Take a look at the entire post, but unfortunately it does not have the answer.

While I am willing to consider believing that the average Dutch man is six foot one, I refuse to believe that the average French man is more than half of the size of the average American. That would make him no bigger than 35 inches -- almost three feet. Sounds about right to me.