The Right Coast

April 11, 2004
Good news! U.S. faces humilation and defeat in Iraq!
By Tom Smith

That's pretty much the tone of the New York Times coverage on Iraq. Why do I keep reading this thing? Probably because I would rather have my politics insulted by the Times than my intelligence insulted by the San Diego Union Tribune. (Did you know we have a new stadium???!!!! It's really pretty!!!! Architects say, "It's really pretty!!!!!' It only cost $500 million! Families go there with their kids!!!! They like baseball!!!! Go Padres!!!!)

But this piece, by James Mann, is worth reading. I assume Mann, as a former L.A. Times reporter, is just as much a left-liberal as the rest of the press corps. But at least he doesn't seem to feel the need to completely set his reportorial agenda.

I am not a huge fan of either the neocons or the realists. Give me the Gipper any day.