The Right Coast

April 19, 2004
Galt on Hillary
By Mike Rappaport

Jane Galt has a great piece on Hillary Clinton's health care article in the New York Times Magazine. Here is an excerpt:
    I wonder, however, about the New York Times Magazine's decision to publish it, which rather seems to violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the campaign finance laws. Ms. Clinton's piece says, in several thousand words, absolutely nothing new or interesting about the state of health care in this country. The writing style isn't particularly sparkling. So why on earth was she given this prime real estate to make what is essentially a campaign speech? Will her Republican opponent, in the Senate or the next election, be given a similarly large bloc of space to make his arguments? And if not, isn't the New York Times Company effectively donating valuable "air time" to its favoured candidate?
Of course, I don't think Galt is endorsing anything like the Fairness Doctrine, but only pointing out the disproportionate power of the press under campaign finance laws from which they are essentially exempted.