The Right Coast

April 11, 2004
Bad news, a must read: Defeat in Iraq?
By Tom Smith

Here is debka's report from yesterday (April 10). It makes chilling reading. It reports that U.S. forces have been thrown back to where they were right after taking Baghdad. The ceasefire in Fallujah is for the benefit of the Marines, not a humanitarian gesture. The beginning of the US built infrastructure of security and democracy in Iraq is in shambles. Iraqi police and security are handing over their weapons to the radical militias. Read it -- a very bleak picture indeed.

That said, debka has to be taken with a grain of salt. I assume that their sources in the Israeli intel community are so good because they agree to act as a front for the same. So debka is, in some sense, propaganda for the Israeli right wing pro-defense people. But that does not mean they are wrong. They still have unequaled human sources on the ground, and are not flacking for Bush or Kerry (unlike the unbelievably lame American press). So I conclude things in Iraq are bad, but probably not as bad as debka claims.

You know, if the U.S. press was not in the habit of crying disaster and defeat every time some enemy of the U.S. set off a bomb, they would be a lot more credible now, when there really may be alarming news to report.

More: WaPo here. Intel Dump also following it.