The Right Coast

March 17, 2004
Liberal Bias Pure and Simple
By Mike Rappaport

This piece is just outrageous and shameless. What a piece of trash the New York Times can be.

I guess the Times could not find anyone who disagreed with the position of the couple of professors and activists who are quoted. Why else would they subtitle their article "Scholars say that an examination of the last national debate on marriage shows that the president misunderstood the legal terrain."

Too bad Eugene Volokh's ideas are so hard to find on the Web. So here's a hint for Adam Liptak (the Times reporter), take a look at this post (by a defender of same sex marriage) for some balance!

Update: The basic point that needs to be understood is that, even if the existing doctrine concerning the Full Faith and Credit Clause does not require state A to recognize same sex marriages from state B, that is not necessarily a reason to be against amending the Constitution. As the Lawrence decision, and a hundred other cases show, when the Supreme Court wants to overrule a case, it can do so.