The Right Coast

March 02, 2004
God and SUVs
By Tom Smith

Just thought readers would like to know that at Mass last Sunday our pastor mentioned driving an SUV in a long list of sins under the general heading of vanity, this a propos the gospel involving Satan tempting Jesus in various ways in the desert, one of which was with "what he deserved." As in "I deserve X, because I'm better, more powerful, richer than, etc. etc. other people." This was particularly annoying as I would have happily traded my ultra-PC Volvo wagon for any of the full sized SUVs in the parking lot, which were legion. The homily didn't make much of an impression on me, however, as I was trying to get my 12 year old not to make unbelievably loud yawning noises during the rite. He has started doing this thing were he makes a noise when he yawns like that of a very large dog. Alarming and not polite. He was outdone, however, by a cute 4 year old several pews ahead who cracked off a window-rattling belch, and then smiled proudly at the assembly. He thought it was funny, and so did I.