The Right Coast

March 11, 2004
Cowan on Blogs
By Mike Rappaport

Tyler Cowan has a great piece on blogs. (Hat tip: Tyler Cowan). Here is an excerpt:
    Bloggers provide you with a universe of experts on every imaginable topic. The Internet makes experts easier to find, and blogs give those experts regular platforms. There is always an expert who knows more than a mere journalist does, and now you can go right to the expert and bypass the journalist.

    The “blogosphere,” as it is known, is an efficient and remarkably speedy means of processing and evaluating information. Once a new idea or fact has been posted on a blog, it is digested, analyzed, and evaluated within a matter of hours. Errors of fact or reasoning do not go unpunished. Furthermore the writer has the chance (obligation?) to respond to commentary and criticism. In these regards blogs are more efficient than newspapers. And many blogs offer a “comments” section, where readers can see how other readers have responded to the posted material.

    In short, the blogosphere functions as a remarkably decentralized and powerful spontaneous order, to cite a concept from F. A. Hayek. No single person planned the evolution of blogs, but an entire intellectual architecture has arisen to serve millions.
As usual, Tyler is right on the mark.