The Right Coast

March 03, 2004
Cool site on Frank Lloyd Wright
By Tom Smith

Here's a cool site on Frank Lloyd Wright. My wife and I both really love his stuff and related arts & crafts movement, mission style etc. etc. We're trying to do our house in that style, but when you're starting with a semi- hemi- demi- custom home (i.e., a tract house) it's not so easy. By following links around you can also see various "modern" homes. I think they are cool as well. The street Jeanne grew up on in New Canaan CT has two Phillip Johnson houses on it, one of which is a spectacular glass cube so utterly impractical it was given to an order of nuns for the tax write-off. They eventually sold it and now it seems to be lived in and well cared for.

Speaking of architecture, take a look at the most recent Architectural Digest in your local supermarket. (I would link to their web site but it's totally lame.) It has an envy-inspiring spread on George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, it of the to-die-for private library. Actually, I would have liked it better in sleeker style (like Mission!) but it's still very cool, and confirms the wisdom of my ambition to become a billionaire.