The Right Coast

March 26, 2004
Annals Of Socialized Medicine
By Maimon Schwarzschild

One of Britain's leading vascular neurosurgeons was suspended from his hospital position last week over allegations that he took an extra serving of croutons for his soup in the hospital canteen. All the operations he was scheduled to perform have been postponed, pending a full investigation. Reporting the story, the Daily Telegraph notes that the waiting time for brain surgery in Nottingham -- where the soup suspension took place -- is 39 days, and that according to a report by the Society of British Neurological Surgeons, patients are dying needlessly in Britain because of a shortage of surgeons.

The left wing Guardian newspaper also carries a report, if that allays any suspicion you might have that TheRightCoast (or the Daily Telegraph) are making this up.

A further English note in this story (apart from the petty-mindedness -- about food and otherwise -- that one sometimes experiences in England) is that the surgeon has been devoting his time to gardening while under suspension, and that he has been wearing a bright red wig when he ventures into his garden, apparently hoping thereby to evade journalists and press photographers.

On knowledge and belief, as I say, this lunatic story is apparently not merely a rejected Monty Python sketch.

(Hat tip to Oxblog.)