The Right Coast

February 09, 2004
Zakaria on Frum and Perle
By Mike Rappaport

Fareed Zakaria has an extremely interesting review of Frum and Perle's, An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror (a book which I have not yet read). Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a neocon in foreign policy, Zakaria makes a strong argument that Frum and Perle's policies are unrealistic because they ignore the fact that policies will not succeed without the support of other nations and their citizens. While Zakaria pushes the criticism a bit too far for my tastes -- at times he seems like a multilateralist democrat -- in the main he has a good point. While it is sometimes necessary to take unpopular actions against terror, it is also important at other times to defer to world opinion. Compromises need to be made and Zakaria suggests that Frum and Perle are not willing to make enough of them.