The Right Coast

February 04, 2004
Political Balance: Books or Blogs
By Michael Rappaport

Very interesting post at Marginal Revolution showing how people either buy liberal books or conservative books, but not both. We all knew this, but still the diagram (based on data from is especially compelling.

Upon reading the post, I wondered about my own buying habits. Of the books displayed, I had only read one -- Treason by Ann Coulter, which I greatly enjoyed (shrieks from the crowd) -- so little can be said, based on this sample, about my reading habits. When I went over in my mind the books that I have bought, I must admit that they tend to bunch up on the right. Not all, of course, but the great majority. (Evidence of my unbalanced reading: I remember thinking that Guns Germs and Steel, which was superb, was one of the most PC books I had read.)

Interestingly, I read a lot more liberal and left writing on the internet (not even counting the New York Times). So much for Cass Sunstein's idea that the internet will promote less balanced reading.