The Right Coast

February 03, 2004
No wonder they hate W
By Tom Smith

No wait! When we said there must be an independent commission to investigate intelligence failures about Iraq, we did not expect you to actually do it! We just meant to pummel you over the head with it and suggest a vast right-wing conspiracy to sneak us into war with Iraq! We have no idea whether there was such a conspiracy. In fact, we doubt it. We're not crazy, you know. Just cynical. It did not occur to us that by actually appointing a commission, and spending time selecting a blue ribbon panel, it would divert the whole issue into an inside the Beltway swamp, to emerge if ever only well after November, 2004. Kissinger on the commission?! Cover up! Cover up! Whitewash! Who should be on it? Don't ask us! Our job is to shout Cover up, Cover up! Whose bright idea was it to demand an independent commission anyway? No, I mean whose bright idea was it to tell us it was a bright idea to demand a commission? Oh, hell. What a fake budget! It will hurt the poor! Benefit the rich! Cover up!