The Right Coast

February 17, 2004
John Edwards: Man of the People
By Mike Rappaport

Two stories about the trial lawyer who would be President. First, he regularly gives a speech about a girl who cannot afford a coat to keep her warm, even though such coats are available in thrift shops for $5 (and his protectionist policies would increase the price of such coats). Second, he lives in a 14 room Georgetown house worth $3.8 million (just a block away from John Kerry's $4.3 million house.)

The second story also has an interesting discussion about John Kerry. Although neither Edwards nor Kerry are much involved with their neighbors, their "neighbors reject the idea that Kerry or Edwards might be detached from the realities of ordinary American life. 'We see John on Nantucket, and he's one of the guys, one of us,' [a neighbor] said of Kerry. 'We've never felt him to be patrician.'

Yes, he is a regular guy. Plays squash with me at the club every week. Often gives me a ride in his limo.