The Right Coast

February 03, 2004
David Brooks is a cute, fuzzy idiot, or, I know! Instead of a CIA let's have a blog!
By Tom Smith

I have gone from resenting David Brooks for being a big softie pretending to be a conservative to feeling sorry for him. Well, maybe not quite sorry for him. More like resenting him.

In this oddly ridiculous screed, Brooks argues that instead of the hard work of trying to figure out what the heck is going on behind the closed doors of our enemies' hideouts, we should just kind of make things up based on our instincts and intuitions. David, David, not everything works the way the newspaper business does.

Use this as a rule of thumb. If the CIA just makes something up, that's bad. They should shoot for, not interesting, provocative, likely not to make liberals to mad at you, cute, fuzzy, thoughtful, or quotable, but rather, are you ready?, true. I know. It's a tough business.

Is hiring David Brooks just the New York Times's cruel joke on people like me?