The Right Coast

February 02, 2004
Can’t these guys get anything right?
By Michael Rappaport

I came across something interesting in Martin Gilbert’s A History of Israel (p 498-499). People today recognize that the 1981 Israeli bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirik was a wise and brilliantly executed maneuver. Otherwise, Saddam Hussein would have gotten nuclear weapons. At the time, though, the world, including the United States, harshly condemned Israel.

What I had not known, though, is that the bombing was criticized within Israel by the two leaders of the Labor Party, Shimon Peres and Yitzak Rabin. It was only Likud, led by Menachem Begin, that had the courage and forsight to take the action.

Of course, Shimon Peres and Yitzak Rabin are the Israeli architects of Oslo, an unbelievable disaster for Israel and for the prospect of peace in the area. And so the question is, Can’t these guys get anything right?