The Right Coast

February 07, 2004
Bainbridge on Bias at the LA Times
By Michael Rappaport

Great post by Stephen Bainbridge criticizing the critics of Bush's WMD commission. Here are a couple of nuggets:

"The Democrats are criticizing the composition of President Bush's WMD panel. Or, more precisely, the Democrats' surrogates in the media are criticizing it."

After quoting the LA Times "The selections puzzled many in Washington. Some questioned why the administration picked so many members with seemingly limited experience in intelligence matters," Bainbridge states:

"Note that though "many" are puzzled and "some" are questioning, Times reporter Greg Miller managed to find only one to quote. Reporter Miller also fails to tell us that [the one quote was from] CIA general counsel during the Clinton administration."

Bainbridge certainly knows how the game is played. Read the whole post.