The Right Coast

January 19, 2004
Times Book Review of Frum and Perle’s “An End to Evil”
By Michael Rappaport

The New York Times unfavorably reviewed David Frum and Richard Perle’s, "An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror" – not exactly a surprise. For Frum’s response, see here.

As an illustration of the problems with the book, the review states:
    Discussing rulers like Fidel Castro and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, they declare that "when it is in our power and our interest, we should toss dictators aside with no more compunction than a police sharpshooter feels when he downs a hostage-taker." Of the United Nations, another one of their nemeses, they write, "The U.N. regularly broadcasts a spectacle as dishonest and morally deadening as a Stalinist show trial, a televised ritual of condemnation that inflames hatreds and sustains quarrels that might otherwise fade away."
To me, though, these are powerful points. Indeed, the police sharpshooter analogy is, er, right on target.

For a more balanced review of the book, take a look at – where else? – the internet. At Amazon, the comment section for the book contains 57 customer comments. While not all are thoughtful, many of them are and they give a variety of viewpoints on the book.