The Right Coast

January 31, 2004
Perfect Match (A Bit Scary)
By Maimon Schwarzschild

You might as well try Time-AOL's Presidential Match Test. Unlike Andrew Sullivan, who found himself with all the Democratic candidates ahead of Bush, I came out at Bush 100% (yes, 100%, no less and, er, no more). (Then Lieberman 72%, Edwards 54%, Kerry and Clark both 53%, Dean 49%, Sharpton 43%, Kucinich 23%.) I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at Kerry and Clark on 53%: each of them has taken every major position on every major issue, so I assume every voter in the country agrees with them just about 50%. But do I really agree with Al Sharpton 43% of the time?

Sullivan of course is proud at being proved a "conflicted political animal". By the same token I am a bit abashed at emerging 100% for anybody. Still, there it is.

What do you think? Shall I try computer dating?