The Right Coast

January 20, 2004
By Michael Rappaport

It is hard to fathom just how depraved many of the Palestinians are. It now turns out that the "Palestinian mother of two small children, who killed four Israelis by blowing herself up at a border crossing, carried out the suicide bombing to atone for having committed adultery." The Associated Press "reported yesterday that Raiyshi was an adulteress forced to carry out the attack to restore her family's honor. It is not uncommon for Palestinian women accused of adultery, or of having sex before marriage, to be killed by their families trying to rid themselves of perceived disgrace."

Of course, the depravity does not end there. People who witness such depravity and refuse to make the appropriate moral judgements are also depraved. To be a Nazi or Palestinian sympathisizer is to be depraved. This is, of course, not to say that one cannot genuinely feel bad for those Palestinians who have suffered and who also oppose the evil that their leaders commit (all five of them). One can feel bad for Germans who opposed the Nazis and who were forced to serve in the German Army. But this sentiment as to those Germans is generally an afterthought, and that is how it should be as to the innocent Palestinians. The main point is that we are witnessing the depraved acts of a depraved people who have the sympathy of much of the world. It is not too pretty.