The Right Coast

January 28, 2004
Cowan on Restricting Choice
By Michael Rappaport

An interesting post by Tyler Cowan at Marginal Revolution on to what extent consumers desire that their choices be restricted. Even more interesting, though, is this self description by Cowan:
    When I go into a (good) restaurant, I like to simply tell the waiter that I don't want to look much at the menu, and he should simply bring me what is best. If he asks what that means by "best," I (sometimes) respond by telling him I am an aesthetic Platonist and that best is best. Or I will ask the waiter to imagine it is his last meal on earth and to bring me the relevant dishes he would order. Other times, such as when I am buying classical compact discs, I wish to survey all the available information before buying Freddy Kempf's stunning Transcendental Etudes, composed by Franz Liszt. Have I mentioned it is the sixth recording of those pieces in my collection?