The Right Coast

December 30, 2003
Quindlen on Liberty
By Michael Rappaport

Although the paragraph below comes from an essay that is a bit old, it is always worthwhile to mention something damning about Anna Quindlen. I do not read her column now, but I suffered for years when she was a New York Times columnist. Here is a short description of Quindlen's reaction to the liberation of Afghanistan:
    "How depressing was it," asked Anna Quindlen in a December Newsweek column, "to see Afghan citizens celebrating the end of tyranny by buying consumer electronics?" Apparently, if you’re somebody like Quindlen -- who confessed in the same column that "I have everything I could want, and then some" -- the spectacle was pretty dispiriting. Liberty itself descends on the land, and the best thing its people can do is go shopping? It was just too vulgar.